Worms Ultimate Mayhem takes the 3rd and 4th games from the worms series and brings them back to where it all started,The PC. Originally the games were developed for the consoles and untill now have remained on those platforms.

Single player in Worms Ultimate Mayhem consists of the campaigns from Worms 3D and Worms 4. While opinions on these games variate wildly, I enjoyed theses outings and welcome them gladly to the PC. But not all is perfect. One big glaring mark on this game is its camera, Even thought its ment to have been reworked. Worms is traditionally a 2D side scrolling game and that translates to nearly any platform. The 3D camera¬† in worms total mayhem was clearly built for a controller as controlling it with a mouse is a nightmare. Why not use an Xbox controller? I tried and it wouldn’t pick it up. Pity as this is the only issue I really had with the game at all.

Multiplayer as all ways is where worms shines its best. Online or offline this games multiplayer is wonderful. This being a re-release it brings extra maps, new voice acting and other gameplay fixes.

Overall Worms Ultimate Mayhem is the sum of its parts two great worms games smushed into one and you know what I love it. Worms is one of those franchises that just keeps getting better every time you play and any fan should add this to their collection even if only for the memory.