The Game Bakers, an independent studio founded by industry veterans, have today released their debut game, SQUIDS, for iPhone and iPad. SQUIDS combines RPG elements and tactical gameplay with the convenient touch controls and visuals provided by the portable devices. An infectious ooze is threatening the Squid’s lush underwater world, transforming the local crustaceans into dangerous monsters. Your rag-tag team of Squid heroes must fend off the corrupted hordes to save your homeland from destruction.

Choose your heroes among four classes with unique abilities and to build your party and lead them into turn based battles against infected crabs and shrimp. Win through utilising everything from your strengths to their weaknesses and even the environment. Level your squids and customise your party with skill enhancing helmets.

The game’s touch controls are easy to master, consisting of grabbing a squid by the tentacles and flinging him across the battlefield.

SQUIDS is available now from the App Store for $0.99: