If, like many others, you forked out the cash for final fantasy XIII and lightly grinded through gameplay only to be left in dismay of what seems to have happened to jrpg’s, then this game is for you. To be honest if you like jrpg’s its worth a shot.

Ive talked a little about it before, The Last Remnant is my game for your bindle today. Its a square enix game and a big argument against the idea that square enix has lost its touch. Its been around since 2008 and im sure you can pick up a pre-owned version for under $15, not that i approve of preowned but thats another story.

Since one of the few things FFXIII did well was its battle system ill start with that, its pure turn based with the usual magic, melee, items etc. each unit is composed of upto 5 members and you can have as many units as you can spread your members into. Based upon who you decide to attack or defend against moves your units around the battle feild so you really need to think ahead for where you want your units to be in position to each other.

Another thing they did incredably well in this game would be the weapon upgrades/customisation the amout of weapons possible to make with different combinations is staggering as your character can wield a large sword, two smaller swords, axes, staffs and so on, all of which can be upgraded in a number of ways. The way this works is by finding components in the wilderness, some components can be bought but all can be found so its not just making you grind for the sake of having enough cash to buy a part. It is a huge world and it can be hard to figure out where to find certain components but theres a great site that ill leave at the bottom that will tell you everything you need to know.

 The games sidequests do get a little repetative but it never really feels like filler, and you never feel unrewarded at the end of them, there are also guild tasks to do while your exploring which usually earns you new formations. So if your looking for a deep, challanging jrpg  you should definatly give this a try, ontop of the things ive said the boss battles are great and the characters are incredably loveable you really do end up part of the world. Its main downside would be its graphics, it somtimes goes a little pixely or glitchy anamations in battle but if you can live without the polish of todays games its ignorable.


If you have any questions or comments about anything feel free to ask. Ill leave you with an old saying brought back to life by FFXIII “if you polish a shit, its still a shit”