I was at a party this weekend and i made a few new friends, we were getting along just fine when one of the group uttered the dangerous words of “so are you into video games or anything?” We each gave each other a quick glance before agreeing that yes we are and it turned out we were all big gamers. The weird part was that we’d been avoiding the subject for almost an hour i knew where these guys came from, what the did for a living and how they knew the host. After finding out we were all gamers we became best friends for the night as i tried to convince tem that Akuma is a perfectly acceptable character and they tried to convince me that i need to play team fortress 2 more.

Isn’t it a little strange how this happens? Hopefully it isn’t just me. It sort of feels like were a secret club and if we were to talk to someone outside of the club about the club we’d become a little weird. only a short post they’ll be another on Wednesday. it was just something i needed to ask.

what codeword or phrases do you use when trying to decipher the person your talking to? Trying to find out if they’re in on it