Now that the day is nearly upon us I thought it would be a good time to acknowledge just how special it is. I personally can’t wait to get together with my special someone and try out some moves. I think we all have someone in mind that we want to try out for a while. soon enough the day of partnerships will let us do just that, February 15th, the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

I’m sure the game doesn’t need much of an introduction to you highly advised people so I won’t bore you with the details it just got me thinking about crossovers in general. Are you for them or against them? I’ve always been a fan of putting one franchise against another whether it is Aliens vs. Predators or Street Fighter vs. the Men it also seems like this idea is exclusively dominated by the fighter genre. I guess that makes sense really need for speed vs. Mario cart wouldn’t make too much sense to either audience.

Should crossovers be worried about a story? Mortal Kombat vs. DC universe tried a story which was fairly typical of the idea but it didn’t make me enjoy the game any more or less. The one thing that will always annoy me in crossovers is that nothing ever gets resolved; will we ever really know if marvel is better than Capcom or if Tekken is better than street fighter?

So what teams do you guys have already lined up in your head?

On a side note I’ve just realized I haven’t surrendered my gamer tag yet so here it is: GAMEHOBOJAMM

So now you can invite me to a game and kick my ass. Ill be playing MvC 3 from release and ill need teaching a few things; feel free to do that in the harshest way possible. Unfortunately my room mate helps himself to my Xbox when he’s out so before inviting me send me a message with the words drop dead comedians and ill tell him to ignore those messages or else you could end up playing against a rage quitting asshole