Rage is the latest epic from id software and the first game to run on the id tech 5 engine. Rage is a  FPS with RPG elements based in a world very similar to mad max 2/border lands with little hints of the fallout series. It tends to lean towards mad max / border lands and shooter more than fallout and rpg.

The game starts out wonderfully. In classic shooter style your thrust in to the unknown hell that is the new world. The only reason you survive is because you’re an ark member. Your special, millions of tiny robots swim in your blood doing fancy things and this makes you very useful. The world knows this and exploits it the best they can. This is a classic RPG move do this and I do that. This being an id game it’s no surprise that the shooting is wonderful. Every gun feels, sounds and looks perfect. The quests are well paced and give you plenty to shoot at, on wheels or on foot. Each and every character is well-defined and could have whole story’s dedicated to just them. It feels from start to finish like an id software game and that is a very good thing. Not to mention its beautiful. Id tech 5 has turned out to be an amazing engine and the potential for it has yet to be seen.

Alas not all is well in the land of RAGE. Since launch on pc its had some fairly rough graphical bugs.  But nothing really game breaking. I was lucky as it didn’t affect me. What let me down in Rage was its pacing. The game starts out at a welcome pace. you train, you gain new weapons, vehicles, robots ect and you feel like a man in the world, you are no god, you can die just as easy as any one else and this is fantastic. What happens next however sucks. Half way through the game things speed up. There are less and less quest givers, fewer races and the story begins to feel rushed and the RPG stuff get thrown out the window.

RAGE is a wonderful game and a great way to welcome id software back to the gaming world with their first new ip in 7 years. RAGE will bring a smile to any fan of postapocalyptic games. Even though I loved every second of it I can’t say its a must play game. It’s a classic shooter in id softwares style beyond that its nothing new, but god damn is it fun.