Ah Christmas once again time for over eating, excessive drinking and for the luckier ones a big stack of new games. With money being so tight lately I’ve opted to buy some of this years lesser known games, the good ones that missed the lime light for whatever reason. I’m looking forward to see how the younger people act as that possible call of duty turns out to be enslaved or Spiderman should be interesting at the least.

So I’ve pretty much finished my shopping now and thought id share my gaming purchases with you lovely people.

Enslaved odyssey to the west was one of the first games I decided on. It’s a great story driven game featuring the voice and face of Andy Serkis. You (Monkey) manage to escape a slave ship only to be put under the control of a slave headband controlled by a woman. A great example of cinematic game play with an awesome soundtrack. The platforming at times can be a little linear or sketchy but overall works great with puzzles and general travel from point A to point B. the combat is your basic light/heavy attack mash up with a few curveballs for dealing with the variety of enemies. The characters are believable and I actually found myself caring if they lived or died all the way to the end with a couple predictable moments but the ending soon snatches away all your thoughts about the world and slaps you across the dumbfounded face with the most confusing ending to a story I can remember. If anyone knows what happens at the end please tell me.

Transformers war for Cybertron is the best transformers game (in my humble opinion) to date. It’s also a learning opportunity; you can point out where and why the movies got it wrong and show the people how it should be. The act of transforming is as seamless as clicking a thumb stick and the game doesn’t feel as if it’s been split into vehicle and robot sections. There are the parts where you need to fly or where it would take far to long to walk but there’s nothing to stop you speeding around the corridors inside or going robot half way down the road. The online multiplayer works great in team games with the perk system and classes to choose your load out from. It’s a nice change of scenery from the typical online blood bath.

Of course there is Spiderman shattered dimensions but I’ve already proposed to that in a previous ramble so see that for details.

If you have to buy for that one bratty loudmouth kid because you bought all of his brothers and sisters you could always get him final fantasy XIII, its really just a socially acceptable way of taking a shit in a box and polishing it until you can see your mischievous grin reflected on it.

There are of course many other games or other presents so post a few of your own purchases/wants underneath. It would help me out because I know ill of forgotten someone and if I have your ideas on hand I don’t have to disturb my wine rotted brain.

Merry Christmas guys. 🙂