Nintendo announced they will be bringing out a brand new innovative games console to be used in conjunction with the Wii, which they unveiled at E3 2011. It can be used with the new specialized games that Nintendo will be bring out, as well as all your old Wii games.

They announced it as “a system we will all enjoy together but also one that’s tailor made for you.”

Its a handheld wireless controller that is a rounded square shape, to be used and held with two hands.

Features include two it includes two analog circle pads, a plus control pad, a touch screen for better aiming and controlling different projectiles onto the primary screen to make game play more intensely focused , microphone, speakers for multiplayer games to help solve problems and beat out friends and opponents in hearing games, also leaving Nintendo open ti a whole new realm of games, an accelerometer and a gyroscope and an inward-facing camera for more accurate movements on screen in relation to your physical movements.

The controller can also be used to surf the web.

The new range of games include ones that you will be using the controller as a shield, and also as a way of seeing a 360 degree angle or “birds eye view”  as demonstrated at the E3 convention.

I would love to test out this product as I think it will be a completely new experience in game play, with the dual screens, and new innovation design.


The only issue I can see happening with this product is the size of it and the spacing between all the buttons and controls. The Wii was originally created as a family based product for bonding time between parents and children, the controls may not be appropriate for the younger users of the WiiU.

Other than that minor issue I can see this product being a huge hit with regular Wii users, and it being a major asset to Nintendo during the ever competitive market of games console technology.