I suppose I better introduce myself, simply go by the name Gamehobo for now been playing video games for as long as I can remember. I’m mainly a console gamer because I can’t afford to buy a PC decent enough to run today’s games but I have a lot of PC gamer friends so ill try not to leave PC out. I’m hoping to open up a sort of discussion thread as I know there are people already covering all your review needs but if I come across a game worth mentioning for any reason ill be sure to let you know. Conor found me and offered me a trial placement so if you like me let it be known and if not let it be known also and Conor will act accordingly. Thanks again for the chance.


For my first post on here I thought it would be a good idea to start with something a little light hearted, let us get to know each other a little better.

So picture the scene its Friday you’ve just finished your work for the week and your friend invites you round for a small gathering fueled by video games and beer. People are depending on you to bring the social games, what do you bring?

For a party with my friends the games id take out of my library would be TEKKEN6, Beat Hazard and Modern Warfare 2. It’s a fairly wide variety without having to weigh my bag down. TEKKEN 6 has always been the perfect button masher in my eyes it’s a game where someone who’s been playing it for years and someone who barley knows the buttons can step into the ring and with a bit of luck and a lot of button mashing anyone could win add alcohol and things only get more unpredictable.

Beat Hazard was a game I came across only about a week ago, its sort of a ramped up asteroids that works around the baseline of your music. It also allows you to play any music from your library this way so the number of possible stages is staggering. Two player co-op available with only one profile selected. Available for the xbox360 and pc from XBLA and Steam

Modern Warfare 2 is a safe bet really everyone knows it and everyone loves to play. The four player split screen and team games means there’s a mode for everyone to play and teams can be set up to balance any advantage the gamers might have over the casuals.

These games could easily be replaced with soul calibur 4, with its weapon variety, guitar hero with its iconic controllers and call of duty 5 because everyone wants to kill Nazi zombies or a mix of these and many more.


So what games are you going to take to your next gaming night?