GTA V has been officially announced and everyone has something to say about it. Those of you that listen to our podcast you should all ready know our tastes can swing in a less conventional direction. So what do the drop dead crew expect to see and what do we hope we will see in the new GTA after seeing the first teaser trailer for GTA V.

1. The Return Of Some Old Favourites

Right off the bat its clear that we will be returning to Los Santos. For those of you that don’t know Los Santos is a city from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. This has raised the question will GTA V return to the playground sandbox that  all the previous GTAs  bat GTA 4 have been. Features haven’t been confirmed yet but from the trailer it looks like many of the GTA San Andreas toys are back like jets, mini games (all we have seen so far is golf but I would imagine that’s only one of many mini-games) and even is back Bigfoot, the esteemed easter egg.

Right there next to the bird and below the flag walks a legend

2. Multi-player 

Yet to be confirmed but without a doubt set to return is Multi-player. Rockstar had something of a rocky start with multi-player, back in the early days of gaming GTA and GTA 2 had multi-player but it wasn’t exactly easy to use or set up. Multiplayer was completely dropped from GTA 3 and GTA San Andreas had the equivalent of fable 2’s multi-player which all of us will remember was not the greatest thing in the world.

Just a regular day in san andreas

It wasn’t until GTA Liberty City Stories and GTA Vice City Stories that multiplayer for GTA really got sorted out. Each person had their own screen, could play from their own perspective and the power to render the world at the same speed as everyone else.  Then came GTA 4 which turned the power of high-speed broad band into a ton of fun in a big sandbox. Red Dead Redemption was the final layer of polish on Rockstars multi-player by finally working out away to stay connected to your friends a huge world and adding zombies :).

So what should we expect from GTA V? Well if the above is anything to go by the multiplayer in GTA V will be damn near perfect. Each and every time Rockstar have made a GTA with Multiplayer it is hand over fist better than the last one. There are a few things however I would love to see added this time around.

  1. A less clunky interface. I loved the mobile phone of GTA 4 it felt like it belonged and added an extra little bit of immersion. That was until you began to use the damn thing. To many menu to drill down through and it never felt like a modern phone. That said I would hate to see SIRI in GTA even more than that phone. Just bring back the good old overlaid menus that we have gotten used from almost every other game.
  2. More friendly fire rules. I love as I’m sure many of you do shooting my friend in the back at the last-minute and just generally fucking with them. But there is a time and a place in private games all is fair and up for grabs. But once that game goes public there should be more active rules for team trolls. Something along the lines of bungies ban hammer would be welcome.
  3. More Game. I know it could be argued that you have a whole city with multiple islands to play with. But Im speak more about game modes than maps. In GTA 4 we had a great choice of mode but they all dried up very quickly. After you played them a few time it stared to cycle the same routes and surprise over and over. I would just like to see some more variations.

Bank Heist Mode, Rob them all and win a prize


3.This GTA is going to vastly different.

Its been said multiple times by Rockstar that this is there biggest GTA ever and aims to go a completely new direction. First the protagonist this time could be a well of high-class criminal… That looks like Frank West no less.

This guy looks like frank west.

Seriously they look they so similar

But that may not be the only person you play as. Rumors would have us belive that this time round we might be playing more than one storyline. My guess would be that you only play a specific part of each characters life, Kinda like the GTA 4 DLC but much more focused. So you play as Frank West above then you meet a thug you take a shine to and boom now you play his life working for Frank. Personally I would like the game play to go this direction, It would feel a lot more movie like and would be a great way to split up your friends, mini games and even the gameplay could switch between each character.


Obviously more will become clear when GTA is closer to release. But for now take the above as a guide. With out a doubt GTA V is going to blow our minds.