Indie developer Bent Spoon Games are set to release their debut title, Girl with a Heart of, on the 17th of November. An interesting looking game for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, Girl with a Heart of explores concepts of human rationality and recursive self improvement.

Set in a subterranean city inhabited by the Dark race, Raven – an eleven year old girl separated from her parents during an attack by the Light ‘s army – learns that she will play a critical role in the conflict that is slowly tearing her world apart due to her artificial heart. She must learn to control her new powers and make decisions with life altering consequences far beyond her little town.

Described as an interactive narrative, Raven progresses through conversing with the inhabitants of her multi-level city. She will be confronted with choices that will drastically alter the flow of the story. These choices will not always be straight forward – what may seem like a good thing could in fact be detrimental, and players must use rationality and logic to succeed.

“Once players begin to understand how this works in the game, it almost feels like cheating,” says Alexi Andreev, the game’s developer and founder of Bent Spoon Games on the notion of this recursive self improvement.

“But it’s actually a prelude to the hardest decision you’ll have to make.”

Girl with a Heart of will be sold via digital distribution for $5.99 on Mac/PC, as well as iOS and Android for $2.99.