So first off I want to say sorry for being off the air for so long. We had a serious discussion about where dropdead was heading. You see its gotten too big for just the four of us to handle. As it stands we make very little money from dropdead so many of us have jobs outside of the work we have to do here.

Instead of shutting dropdead down we have decided to make it a feature site. Instead of news we will post editorials, trailer break downs and guides to being a geek :). You can see our first two pieces on the front page now. There are many more to come you just have to wait while me make the change.

The next big change is the podcast, it will also become a feature based podcast. Which means more prep-time. So expect less podcasts but with better content.

This week we talk about perfection. What makes a game and A or a 10 and is it the same as other forms of media.

We hope you enjoy this new direction. Remember if you have ideas to share you can contact us with the form above.