With a lot more games going multiplayer over the past few years the importance of online manners has surely increased. Once again with gaming being such a relatively young media form there are still lots of grey areas which need to be explored and defined. I used to be a keen chess player and there were clear understandings of what a legal move was and what a decent move was. For example if I manage to get my opponent into a trap so that if he moves any of his front pieces ill be able to wreak havoc and they decide to move their back piece between the same two places repeatedly until I had to cancel this would be legal but by all rights I should deliver a quick stomp to said opponents jaw.

If in an fps a player decides to sit looking at one door the entire game are they camping or are they defending a building. If the same combo is repeated in a platform fighter is it cheating or is it fair. I know a lot of people online don’t give two seconds thoughts to things like this but it’s been bugging me lately. Since there are no referees in video games (yet) nothing can really be done about it but it’s something to think about when you have your tent and campfire set up under the stairs, yeah you’re getting kills but do you deserve them?