Console Adaption in the Markets of Today

As the gaming industry has developed so has its market as well, the demographic has expanded from its stereotypical nerd boy into a huge range of ages in both genders.

When the general public think of a gamer, they think of a young teenage boy, sitting like a zombie at a computer for hours on end, and while they do exist and are a large part of the gamer demographic they are no longer the main target audience that games are marketed to.

With the wide range of console and games now available they market has expanded amazingly.

The Wii has allowed family involvement in games, such as Wii Sports, Mario cart and puzzle games too, as well as still holding the classic aspects of first person shooters. It also holds aspects never before seen in consoles, with its controllers. This opens the market to include younger and older people, and its marketing strategies have evolved to include them, with new games being developed for multi-person friendly and family environments.

The DS has also allowed a range of ages to play games, with games suited to each age group, and ones that cross over too.  For example, Nintendos “Dr Kawashima’s Brain Training” allows older and younger generations to share great experiences which suit both groups.

We will always have the Playstation and the xbox to rely on when it comes down to the shooters, and the “jock” games of the gaming world, such as “Call of Duty” and also the slightly more nerdtastic ones like “Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim”. We all know and love them, and they reign the market when it comes to sales and research and development of games and technology, but they too have to adapt to fight with newly formed competitors, and push themselves to reach into the family friendly market.

The xbox360 has adapted with the Kinect, which allows family to play group games together, yet also allows expansion to include all the old school games, and they’re expansions.

The Playstation has been in our homes for years, and has become very good at recreating itself. From the old grey Playstation one, to the first larger, then made smaller Playstation Two, and into its current stage, Playstation 3, with its sleeker smaller version as well, not to mention the Playstation Move, Sing Star and Buzz to top it all off. That is a lot of adaption, so I am really curious to see the next move.

Which brings us right around to our old forgotten friend, the PC. Left in the dust, only the real nerds still play it, it is used for social networking and looking up things for assignments, the disc drive a thing of the past… No, not at all correct. We still have millions of users who prefer a mouse and keyboard to the handheld controllers of other consoles, and who are just as competitive as others. It has never had to adapt, because it has always made games for families and for all aspects of the gaming community, without need to be told. It is timeless in its innovation.

So in this expanding market, I am very curious to see who excels, and who will be left on the shelf.

Battlefield 3 Features no Females

I’m going to be a girl here and complain. The makers of Battlefield Three announced that they have no women featured in the game.

No voiceovers, no features, nothing!

I’m not surprised, it is not the first game to not have women in it, all the Call of Duty’s feature no women either, but they didn’t announce it to the world.

In the modern-day world you would think that they would play a larger role in the game.

All major stereotypical males roles have a corresponding female part. James Bond superior “M” is a woman in the new movies. Resident evil has male and female lead characters. In recent time even Princess Peach from the Mario games has taken on a starring role. No longer needing to be saved in every game.

Female gamers now take up 40% of the demographic. Don’t you think they deserve a role in some of the biggest games of the year. The last two rainbow six games have let you be male or female.

It doesn’t really make sense to me that as a member of the female market. What caused EA to announce that they have no featuring women in the newly released game is beyond me and everyone at dropdead.

Saying that however I don’t think it will impact sales as it is one of the biggest games to have ever been released racking up over 8 million unit sales.

Editors note: There is in fact a single woman in both Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty 4, one of which is a mute, and the other gets nuked. Yup.

E3 Thoughts and Gamer Girl’s “Gamer Sexism”?

This year E3 was very impressive, I really enjoyed it.

Many impressive games were released and as always there was something new going on and an exciting atmosphere.

It was all in all a success.

I think my experience would have been extremely different if I wasn’t a girl, I really do.

Whenever I talk about games and E3 and other generally nerdy things, I get a shocked look and if I questions these looks, I get told “But you’re a girl…” to which I reply “So what!”

In this day and age with so many equal rights movements why is it strange for a girl to play and enjoy games!? It really makes little sense. Girls play football, rugby are in government and are mechanics so why can’t they play games?! It reminds me of an 50’s novel when guys would go off to their gentlemen clubs, to drink scotch and smoke cigars, while us women sat around and well pretty much did nothing productive.

As we all know, more and more girls are joining the world of Gamers, and are pretty good at what they do, they may even be able to destroy you in CoD, or best you in Magika, Who knows they may even rank higher than you in WoW Arena!

Yet, I still see people saying “You play like a girl” and I recently saw a friend of mine say “Yeah, a girl just beat you” to a bitter loser, but I was slightly offended by both incidents, because when I play a game, I do dedicate all my concentration to doing my best, and if I don’t do so well, I keep trying to best myself, and then I saw this, and got the idea that people don’t really appreciate or respect female gamers, in fact, many companies use it as a marketing prospect. they use females gamers as an erotic display to entice male gamers into buying products and services.

I have nothing wrong with the Female marketing, I find it amusing, but why is there no balance? A male version of this type of marketing?

Back to E3, when I was watching some coverage of it, I was letting my mind wander a bit, and a friend came up behind me, and asked my what on earth I was watching it for. I responded as I often do with “I want to”.

He didn’t understand that I actually like games! It happened to be the new CoD that I was looking at, and I challenged him, and won. He promptly shut up. That showed him.

I found while watching E3, there was a seriously lack of female presence and most presentations I watched involved male presenters and I wondered why there was so little women even though, I know women can sell products, and are just as good at public speaking as men.

Despite my curiosities, I found E3 to be very well-organized, and Well put together and I really thought it was amazing! Just a bit of feedback, get more female in there! It would be a good way to get more women interested, and into the gamer community.

Also, there is no excuse, saying there is no games out there for girls, there are loads, I started playing the Sims when I was nine! Just had  a proper look and you will find some! I know a girl that is on the board of a large games organization!

So basically, being girl in a world of male gamers involves plenty of abuse, and bad feedback, but who cares? Us girls have faster reactions anyway, and are more than capable to kick ass!

more guys should teach their girlfriends how to play games, than give out about them wanting to interrupt precious online time.  That’s how I started playing games, and I will never look back to the world of sitting next to the computer, bored off my skull, without a clue whats going on, now I will join in, and learn how to play, and enjoy it!

More girls should get themselves into games and such because it is a great hobby that does teach you reaction and logic skills. So girls pick up a console and kick ass!

Nintendo WiiU Thoughts and Features

Nintendo announced they will be bringing out a brand new innovative games console to be used in conjunction with the Wii, which they unveiled at E3 2011. It can be used with the new specialized games that Nintendo will be bring out, as well as all your old Wii games.

They announced it as “a system we will all enjoy together but also one that’s tailor made for you.”

Its a handheld wireless controller that is a rounded square shape, to be used and held with two hands.

Features include two it includes two analog circle pads, a plus control pad, a touch screen for better aiming and controlling different projectiles onto the primary screen to make game play more intensely focused , microphone, speakers for multiplayer games to help solve problems and beat out friends and opponents in hearing games, also leaving Nintendo open ti a whole new realm of games, an accelerometer and a gyroscope and an inward-facing camera for more accurate movements on screen in relation to your physical movements.

The controller can also be used to surf the web.

The new range of games include ones that you will be using the controller as a shield, and also as a way of seeing a 360 degree angle or “birds eye view”  as demonstrated at the E3 convention.

I would love to test out this product as I think it will be a completely new experience in game play, with the dual screens, and new innovation design.


The only issue I can see happening with this product is the size of it and the spacing between all the buttons and controls. The Wii was originally created as a family based product for bonding time between parents and children, the controls may not be appropriate for the younger users of the WiiU.

Other than that minor issue I can see this product being a huge hit with regular Wii users, and it being a major asset to Nintendo during the ever competitive market of games console technology.

CoD Elite and You


Activation is releasing the new “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Three” in autumn and along with it is releasing a new online subscription base. It will on average cost users an extra €10 a month for an extra few features in online play, which is lower than the average online subscriptions packs, and there will also be an option of not getting the online elite account and playing a standard online experience.

Every gamer will know how successful the COD games have been, they are played worldwide, and has sold over 55 million copies, and brought in over €3 billion in retail sales for Activisation.

So why are they charging for a service that was once free? The New features that can make or break your online game.

The campaign will be a continuation from the last ones as is expected, “Modern Warfare”, and “Modern Warfare Two”. Single player, first person shooter, with intense story lines and will captivate you like its predecessors.

There will be a standard online game play, which will be free for all who buy the game, and that will be relatively similar to the other games, but if you chose to pay for the online will have elite account you will have access to a selection of extra map packs and the first attempt at an social media network centred around gaming.

This new revelation is what I find most interesting, because X-Box users already avail of this service through a Group/party Chat service already in place, so I would think that this option would be mostly aimed at Playstation 3 players and PC players, although PC players have many other options for this online service already such as Skype and Teamspeak, so they really have no need for such service.

That brings us back to the Playstation 3 users. They would get some use out of the group chat option, although, it would give a high unfair advantage to fee paying users, because there will no longer be that communication barrier between team players, but it wouldn’t be any use unless a good few players had such services, it all depends on what the players are willing to pay for.

The idea of paying for something that used to be free is daunting, and I’m sure the COD community is in uproar about it. The average COD player is between 16 and 25, so the large majority of them are students, and are already paying for internet costs and electricity bills, and aren’t willing to give up any necessities for a few extra features in online play.

Also X-Box users are already paying for an online membership; they do not want to be paying more than they already are, when they already have use of many of the features the new subscription will offer.

Is the new content worth paying the extra €10 for? Yes because you do have the chance to have the advantage in COD and feel like the gaming god you always wanted to be, and get a chance to have a gander at the new maps and features, especially if you are a PS3 user.

And no, in some cases such as an X-Box user and PC users, I would test it out for a month first and see if it attracts you, if not, you can always unsubscribe.

Activation had a good plan in creating this new service, but I am a bit clouded to seeing whether or not it will stir profit or hostility.