This year E3 was very impressive, I really enjoyed it.

Many impressive games were released and as always there was something new going on and an exciting atmosphere.

It was all in all a success.

I think my experience would have been extremely different if I wasn’t a girl, I really do.

Whenever I talk about games and E3 and other generally nerdy things, I get a shocked look and if I questions these looks, I get told “But you’re a girl…” to which I reply “So what!”

In this day and age with so many equal rights movements why is it strange for a girl to play and enjoy games!? It really makes little sense. Girls play football, rugby are in government and are mechanics so why can’t they play games?! It reminds me of an 50’s novel when guys would go off to their gentlemen clubs, to drink scotch and smoke cigars, while us women sat around and well pretty much did nothing productive.

As we all know, more and more girls are joining the world of Gamers, and are pretty good at what they do, they may even be able to destroy you in CoD, or best you in Magika, Who knows they may even rank higher than you in WoW Arena!

Yet, I still see people saying “You play like a girl” and I recently saw a friend of mine say “Yeah, a girl just beat you” to a bitter loser, but I was slightly offended by both incidents, because when I play a game, I do dedicate all my concentration to doing my best, and if I don’t do so well, I keep trying to best myself, and then I saw this, and got the idea that people don’t really appreciate or respect female gamers, in fact, many companies use it as a marketing prospect. they use females gamers as an erotic display to entice male gamers into buying products and services.

I have nothing wrong with the Female marketing, I find it amusing, but why is there no balance? A male version of this type of marketing?

Back to E3, when I was watching some coverage of it, I was letting my mind wander a bit, and a friend came up behind me, and asked my what on earth I was watching it for. I responded as I often do with “I want to”.

He didn’t understand that I actually like games! It happened to be the new CoD that I was looking at, and I challenged him, and won. He promptly shut up. That showed him.

I found while watching E3, there was a seriously lack of female presence and most presentations I watched involved male presenters and I wondered why there was so little women even though, I know women can sell products, and are just as good at public speaking as men.

Despite my curiosities, I found E3 to be very well-organized, and Well put together and I really thought it was amazing! Just a bit of feedback, get more female in there! It would be a good way to get more women interested, and into the gamer community.

Also, there is no excuse, saying there is no games out there for girls, there are loads, I started playing the Sims when I was nine! Just had  a proper look and you will find some! I know a girl that is on the board of a large games organization!

So basically, being girl in a world of male gamers involves plenty of abuse, and bad feedback, but who cares? Us girls have faster reactions anyway, and are more than capable to kick ass!

more guys should teach their girlfriends how to play games, than give out about them wanting to interrupt precious online time.  That’s how I started playing games, and I will never look back to the world of sitting next to the computer, bored off my skull, without a clue whats going on, now I will join in, and learn how to play, and enjoy it!

More girls should get themselves into games and such because it is a great hobby that does teach you reaction and logic skills. So girls pick up a console and kick ass!