Starting today, players of dragon age 2 can partake in a gripping new adventure in the Mark of the Assassin DLC pack for Dragon Age 2. Available today for download on Xbox LIVE, PSN, PC and Mac for 800 Microsoft/Bioware Points or £7.99, Mark of the Assassin introduces a new party member/playable character called Tallis, voiced and modeled after the one and only Felicia Day.

“I’m a huge fan of Dragon Age and working with Bioware on Mark of the Assassin has been a dream come true,” says Felicia. “The colourful characters and deep story-telling of Dragon Age is what Bioware does best and the way the team brought Tallis into the fiction felt very natural. I was extremely excited to  use their amazing world as my creative playground in developing her character.”

In Mark of the Assassin, Hawke finds himself surrounded by deception and intrigue. coming face to face with Tallis after she intervenes in an ambush, Hawke is obligated to help her steal a precious relic from an Orlesian Duke’s well guarded estate outside Kirkwall. over the course of this adventure you get to explore the background of the Orlesian and Qunari races further.


On a side note, the highly anticipated six-episode web series Dragon Age: Redemption, premieres on Machinima at Felicia Day, the creator of the popular web series The Guild, brings her team together to collaborate once more on Redemption, a series that she wrote, produced and will be starring in.