Over the past two weeks I’ve been staying with a friend because he lives a few hours away and he’s going on holiday for Christmas so we set up the Xbox and filled the fridge with beer. Of course his woman wasn’t too happy about us screaming headshot at four in the morning. Eventually it lead to an argument about games being a silly waste of time. Of course I had to interrupt and explain how games have become a media form and the most interactive way to experience a story, for the 80th time this year.

I pulled up the obvious examples of Alan wake, assassin’s creed and threw in Dante’s inferno and enslaved. Then came the hard part, trying to explain each of these stories. It got me thinking about story games on a whole; it seems that each game with a good story is also confusing as hell. Obviously there are games that aren’t so confusing and can still tell a good story but it seems the ones that really get credited are the confusing ones.

I’m not complaining it’s nice for a game to have that extra layer of depth but it’s getting hard to keep track of. If you haven’t played enslaved don’t worry I could give al the clues in the world and you wouldn’t guess the ending. I think it might be more confusing than the ending of assassin’s creed 2. The DLC for Alan wake didn’t explain jack shit, just gave us the title of the sequel.

I thought it was a bit of an odd pattern when I noticed it, might just be a coincidence that all developers decided to confuse us at the same time. What do you guys think?