Its undeniable that gaming as a hobby or as a sport has come on leaps and bounds since pong. It’s easily the quickest growing media what was once the nerdy kids escape from reality (guilty) is now somewhat of an art form and in my opinion the best way of involving the audience in the story, even metal gear solid is more involving than most movies. But as we race into the future I can’t help but wonder if were going the right way.

A couple week ago me and a friend were wandering around back alley game shops when we stumbled across a place stocked to the teeth with Megadrive games so we emptied our wallets into the wishing well of nostalgia. The game that caught our eye had its name scratched off but the cover art was an ape thrusting forwards into the enemy while holding a banana and firing a bright yellow beam out of his lips with a face that just seemed to say fuck you. Brushing the cobwebs from my Megadrive I noticed it said “16 bit high definition” across the top which isn’t important but made me laugh. We gave our new cartridge the magic rub and blow and inserted it into my slot, you know what I mean. An 8-bit orchestra brought and some bright squares introduced us to ‘Toki goes ape spit’. Simple enough side scroller about a man who has is wife stolen and is then turned into an ape, who fires beams from his mouth. Before I loose you I’m not here to review a Megadrive game Its just I had so much fun playing this that when I came back to my 360 I wondered if we’d lost track of why we love games.

A lot of games now boast about high definition graphics or how many explosions we can fit inside a map. I’m going to take enslaved as an example because it’s a game I love but it wasn’t really that fun. The story and the visuals were what really kept me playing it but it’s not something I’d come home from and play for the laughs. That’s fine I’m glad were experimenting with games but then I saw the advert for ‘we dare’. If you haven’t seen that yet go check it out. This seems to have gone the complete opposite way to the rest of the market and it seems once again rule 34 prevails, if it exists…

The kinect  has a lot of potential without a shadow of doubt but after playing with mine a few times I’m wondering if that potential lies in games, I much prefer navigating the dashboard with it rather than jumping up and down with it. Another piece of hardware that deserves a mention in here is the wijo mojo, once again if you’re unaware of this Google it and try figure out what you think it’s for. I’m always seeing the words such as amazing, mesmerizing, unbelievable printed on box art with phrases like, action packed, intense thriller, eye bursting graphics. When was the last time you saw fun written on box art? I want to see a game with “so fun you’ll giggle till your bollocks ache” printed on the cover (obviously they’ll blank out bollocks) it’s been a while since a new game has given me the lollocks.

In summary (TLDR 😉 we are defiantly moving, but are we going in the right direction?

We’re too worried about if we could, to wonder if we should. – Jeff Goldblum, Jurassic park. (Ish)