Activation is releasing the new “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Three” in autumn and along with it is releasing a new online subscription base. It will on average cost users an extra €10 a month for an extra few features in online play, which is lower than the average online subscriptions packs, and there will also be an option of not getting the online elite account and playing a standard online experience.

Every gamer will know how successful the COD games have been, they are played worldwide, and has sold over 55 million copies, and brought in over €3 billion in retail sales for Activisation.

So why are they charging for a service that was once free? The New features that can make or break your online game.

The campaign will be a continuation from the last ones as is expected, “Modern Warfare”, and “Modern Warfare Two”. Single player, first person shooter, with intense story lines and will captivate you like its predecessors.

There will be a standard online game play, which will be free for all who buy the game, and that will be relatively similar to the other games, but if you chose to pay for the online will have elite account you will have access to a selection of extra map packs and the first attempt at an social media network centred around gaming.

This new revelation is what I find most interesting, because X-Box users already avail of this service through a Group/party Chat service already in place, so I would think that this option would be mostly aimed at Playstation 3 players and PC players, although PC players have many other options for this online service already such as Skype and Teamspeak, so they really have no need for such service.

That brings us back to the Playstation 3 users. They would get some use out of the group chat option, although, it would give a high unfair advantage to fee paying users, because there will no longer be that communication barrier between team players, but it wouldn’t be any use unless a good few players had such services, it all depends on what the players are willing to pay for.

The idea of paying for something that used to be free is daunting, and I’m sure the COD community is in uproar about it. The average COD player is between 16 and 25, so the large majority of them are students, and are already paying for internet costs and electricity bills, and aren’t willing to give up any necessities for a few extra features in online play.

Also X-Box users are already paying for an online membership; they do not want to be paying more than they already are, when they already have use of many of the features the new subscription will offer.

Is the new content worth paying the extra €10 for? Yes because you do have the chance to have the advantage in COD and feel like the gaming god you always wanted to be, and get a chance to have a gander at the new maps and features, especially if you are a PS3 user.

And no, in some cases such as an X-Box user and PC users, I would test it out for a month first and see if it attracts you, if not, you can always unsubscribe.

Activation had a good plan in creating this new service, but I am a bit clouded to seeing whether or not it will stir profit or hostility.