Now just a day away from its imminent release, Cities XL 2012, the new edition of the famous City-Builder for PC, today unveiled its official trailer!

With more than one minute of impressive video, players can discover part of the immense new content offered by Cities XL 2012. In this new edition, Cities XL provides a staggering choice of over 1000 different structures (300 new ones) for you to build the cities of your dreams. 15 new maps make their appearance (for a total of 62), each bringing its load of challenges for all virtual city-planners. The flooded canyons around Lake Powell, the basin of a dried lake, an oasis lost in the middle of a harsh sandy desert, and the Cayman Islands are just some of the new, original maps that offer players new, varied challenges such as a fractured or rugged landscape, landlocked constructible areas and restricted access to natural resources. All this is superbly illustrated in the video trailer we are pleased to unveil today.

Cities XL 2012 will be available on Tuesday 20th of October in retail stores (Europe and Australia) and for download (Worldwide). For all owners of the 2011 edition of Cities XL, Cities XL 2012 will be available for download in an “expansion” version at a reduced price.