SEGA’s upcoming third person squad shooter, Binary Domain, will feature two distinct pre-order based DLC packs.

The first one will focus on expanding the single player experience. The “Dan Marshall Pack” unlocks new skills and a new weapon for the players character in Binary Domain, Sergeant Dan Marshall. Tasked with infiltrating a robot defended Japan and uncovering the source of an illegal operation that creates lifelike robots called “hollow children”, this unique pre-order pack gives you the powerful SOWSAR-17 SBMOD type G assault rifle – a significant upgrade to your standard issue firepower. You’ll also receive several hand bionic upgrades. they are Assault: Physical Enhancement 1, Assault: Protective Coating and Assault: Quick Prompt, making you faster, stronger and more resilient.

The second pack gives access to an exclusive multiplayer map “Outside High-rise, Upper City”which can be played in many of Binary Domain’s multiplayer modes, in addition to a new playable class, the “Ninja”, a character type suited to ambushes and adaptive combat styles. This pack also includes two exclusive multiplayer weapon types, the “Hoga Type 69” sniper and the “Yamoto-0” handgun.

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