Back in 2009 a group of friends got together – their desire, to give something back to the community they so loved, all of them geeks. All of them loving everything about this world from video games to anime, from sci-fi to fantasy. They all brought something different to the table, Conor brought his Web design skills and obsessive nature, Desmond brought his journalistic skills and Philip brought the advertising know how.

As time went on the site grew and grew as did their community. Little more than a year out of high school they found themselves with a large audience that enjoyed their twisted perspective on the world of geek.

Soon the company’s of geek began to give our heroes free samples. With this our heroes realised that this could be a lot more than just a stepping stone to a real job. They began to chronicle their adventures in a new way and Geeks Drinks and Video Games was born.

Now entering their second year yet more adventures lay ahead of them. What will this year hold? With their first annual charity marathon complete and plans to return to a weekly video feature only time will tell. My heart goes out to these heroes of geekdom. I hope you will join them and give them your support too.


Name:Conor Hughes


DropDead Title:The Guild Master, His Puissant Eminence, Baron Conor. The Contentious Silencer of DropDead

Bio: Web Designer, PC gamer, Audiophile

Interests: Sci-fi, Doctor Who and post apocalyptic story’s


Name:Desmond O’Flaherty


DropDead Title:The Chancellor, His Omnipotent Eminence, Lord Desmond. The Splendid Writer of DropDead

Bio:Writer, Programmer, Xbox Gamer

Interests:Warhammer 40k, Sci-fi, Guns



Name:Philip Manley


DropDead Title:The Viceroy, His Matchless Honour, Philip Manley The Adroit PR Manager of DropDead

Bio: PR and Advertising, Playstation Gamer

Interests: Music, Movies, Zombies






Name: Katie Sheridan


DropDead Title: The Governess, Her Splendid Illustriousness, Baroness Kate.

Bio: Writer, Fighter, God

Interests: Doctor Who, Airsoft, Singing