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Further Reading - Further Reading

When visitors to this site have finished reading all of the articles, they may want to continue learning about computer games. The good news is that there are plenty of resources available for them to utilize. This means that they can expand on their knowledge of gaming even further.

Online Reviews of New Releases

When a game is initially released, there will be a slew of reviews to read. It is an excellent idea to consume as many of these as possible. Doing so will give the reader a much better idea of whether the game is right for them.

As a result, they can form an unbiased opinion. Furthermore, when people read plenty of reviews, it allows them to understand what aspects to look for in a superior gaming title.

Books About Computer Gaming History

Despite being a relatively new medium, computer games already have a rich and exciting history. If people want to learn about it in detail, it is worth checking out several books on the subject.

The reader could separate their research into different periods, starting with the very first games. Libraries are an excellent resource for anyone seeking out these publications.

Academic Journals

It may surprise readers to know that computer games are taken very seriously in the academic world of media studies. Entire art theories have emerged concerning them. However, suppose people are looking for a more cerebral and in-depth analysis of games.

In that case, journals on the subject are the ideal resource. These can usually be found in universities and archival museums.

Internet Forums

The internet is filled with gaming communities where people discuss their favourite titles with like-minded users. Forums can serve as a more social alternative to the previously mentioned resources. They provide an interactive experience. The user could ask specific questions about practically any aspect of computer games.

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