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When people review video games, they will often have to consider which genre the title fits into and how it compares to its counterparts. There are numerous genres that have grown in popularity. They offer players the chance to immerse themselves in an escapist virtual world.


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The fantasy genre, in general, has been an important aspect of geek culture for many years. As video games became more popular, these titles began to emerge as best sellers. A good example is Skyrim. Since it was first released, reviews of this game have been very positive. Fantasy tends to allow players to assume the role of exciting characters as they quest across exotic locations.


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Western games transport the player back in time to 19th century America. They often feature cowboys, gunslingers, and horses. Many of the trappings of this genre were first established in motion pictures. By far, the biggest western title is Red Dead Redemption 2, as it became an instant hit with the general public and game critics.


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This type of game pits the player against the elements. It may be set in an isolated location where the character only has a finite number of resources available. They will often need to seek out materials and craft new items.

Minecraft is a well-known example of the survival genre. Its simplified blocky graphic designs and engaging gameplay saw it become one of the biggest titles of all time. Other high-quality survival games include Don’t Starve, This War of Mine and Conan Exiles.

Beat ‘Em Up

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This type of action game pits a character against a large number of enemies. They must be defeated using hand-to-hand combat. The first mainstream games were side-scrollers.

In recent years as graphics developed, so too did the level of sophistication in these games. Classic examples include Street Fighter II, Kung-Fu Master, Double Dragon and Golden Axe.